Welcoming Guissu Raafat Baier as a Venture Advisor to Broadhaven Ventures

Michael Sidgmore
2 min readJan 24, 2019
Guissu Raafat Baier

We are incredibly excited to welcome Guissu Raafat Baier to the Broadhaven Ventures team as a Venture Advisor. She will bring her expertise in building vibrant and successful company cultures and developing startup compensation models, as well as her direct experience in the gig economy space, to our portfolio companies.

Guissu is a talented and thoughtful executive who was instrumental in growing Instacart, one of the largest and most successful on-demand delivery companies of our time, as their VP of HR and their first senior employment counsel. She helped Instacart develop an innovative compensation evaluation structure and, as an employment lawyer with a passion for business strategy and people, she influenced the strong culture at Instacart that has managed through rapid growth and delicately balanced a large 1099 workforce with a W2 employee base.

Over the past few months, Guissu has worked with a few of our Broadhaven Ventures portfolio companies in her areas of expertise: People Strategy, PeopleTech, and navigating the challenging legal and regulatory concerns associated with the gig economy. She has gone above and beyond in helping our companies, generously sharing her time and expertise with our founders, so much so that I have been receiving a constant barrage of text messages from our founders singing her praises. Guissu was so helpful to one of our companies, Starship HSA, that their founder has decided to make her an advisor.

Seeing first-hand how valuable she has been as a sounding board and subject matter expert to both our companies and to our Ventures team, we felt it was only appropriate to bring her into the Broadhaven Ventures family as a Venture Advisor.

Our mission at Broadhaven Ventures is to support our portfolio companies to the fullest extent possible. As former operators ourselves, we enjoy rolling up our sleeves to help our companies navigate the inevitable challenges they face as early-stage companies, particularly given that many of them operate in highly regulated industries. Our companies love working with Guissu, which is no surprise given her experience as an operator building Instacart, and her work with our companies embodies the way we aspire to collaborate with founders.

That’s why we are incredibly excited to welcome Guissu to our team as a Venture Advisor so she can continue to support our companies as they make a positive impact on people’s financial lives and help gig economy workers around the world achieve meaningful lives and financial security. Welcome Guissu!



Michael Sidgmore

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